Because your pets deserve

the comfort of their home


The philosophy behind “For Cats, Dogs and Love” is to provide excellent care for your pets and peace of mind for you – knowing that your pets are in good hands.


Whether you go on vacation, a business trip, a long weekend, or you need help with your pet’s everyday walks, someone to feed them, cuddle them, or give them their medicine, or even if you have a newborn in the family and you have no time or a new puppy “For Cats Dogs and Love” offers loving pet care and can help you balance your life with your pets.


As a pet parents ourselves, we understand the anxiety and concern every pet owner feels when they have to be away from their precious ones.


So why put your pet in a cage?

Our goal is to make your pets feel secure and comfortable, while they are enjoying their favorite corner in their home.

We aim to provide a personal touch to both pet and client interactions and we will work with you to develop a custom plan.


A small amount of your bill will be donated for the medical expenses of rescue dogs at Animal health veterinary clinic

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 What is our process?

We will ultimately have a phone conversation with you to learn a bit about your fur babies and any particular needs they have.

We then provide a meet and greet in your home which is free of charge. We want of course to meet you and your pets, learn everything we need to in order to provide the best care possible and follow your care instructions. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet us and make any questions you want .

As a follow up to our meeting, you need to fill up the pet sitting form with all the necessary information. We will send you an email to confirm the time and duration of your trip, and will provide the total payment due along with payment options.

And most importantly, we come in as scheduled and provide the best care possible for your pets. We will text or email you with photos, to assure you that everything is going well despite your absence