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For Cats Dogs and Love
Policies and Procedures

Payment policy


Our company policy requires prepayment for all quotations in order to secure a spot in our pet sitting schedule. Please note that your reservation will only be finalized upon receipt of the full payment. Upon confirmation of payment, we will proceed to add your booking to our pet sitting schedule and arrange a Meet and Greet appointment.

We are asking 2 sets of keys for safety reasons. Keys will be returned in 7 days after your arrival day.  Please don’t give us keys that we need to return immediately after your arrival. This will not be possible because of our schedule. 



Cancelation Policy

 For Cats, Dogs and Love visits, are carefully scheduled to accommodate our clients’ needs. For our Dog walking service, it is requested that you give us a 24-hour notice of cancellation prior to the scheduled service day. If no cancellation notification is given, the client will be charged for that Walk. For our Pet sitting service you are required to give us two weeks’ notice prior to the first scheduled visit. Any cancellation within 2 weeks prior to the first scheduled visit will be charged 50%. Holiday Visit Cancellations (Christmas /Easter/Summer months): Please understand that holidays are a busy period, and we will have to turn down some people and if visits are cancelled in the last few days prior to service, we can’t fill those spots. You are required to give us a two weeks’ notice prior to the first scheduled visit otherwise you are required to pay in full.


For Cats Dogs and Love requires an initial consultation to ensure your pet gets the best care possible. We provide a free initial 30-minute consultation. During out M&G time it is your responsibility to educate us on how to provide the best experience for you and your pet. All additional 30-minute consultations have a €10 fee. 


Pet and Human Safety

For Cats, Dogs and Love wants to keep your pet safe and in good hands. We require a consultation prior to any Pet sitting or Walk service with your pet. During this time, you are expected to review how to leash your dog up, address areas of concern around the home or neighbourhood as well as review entry, commands, and any other information vital to making this a safe and positive experience for your pet. If any of our pet professionals feel unsafe in any Walk or Pet sitting environment, they have the right to refuse service. For Cats, Dogs and Love, walks only train dogs and this means no pulling. 


Not share visits are accepted

We are sorry but we will not accept job shares where a friend or neighbours does some visits and misses others. The health and safety of your pet is our priority. We will not share responsibility with a 3rd party while you are away. There are too many things that can go wrong, such as problems with over-feeding, unlocked doors, lost keys, missed feedings, etc.


Public Fee policy

For Cats, Dogs and Love, Pet sits dogs and cats 365 days per year, including holiday & weekends. For Cats, Dogs and Love charges an additional fee for any scheduled Pet sit on these PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

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