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Walks with a Pitbull

Dog walker's diary.

Dec 9th 2021

Meet and Greet

Dog's Name: Baine

Breed: Blue nose Pitbull

1 year with Baine

I still remember the first day I met Baine. Until that day I didn't actually have a very close relationship with a Pitbull. Now, it is a breed that I have completely fallen in love with, like most of the breeds I guess, but yes Pitbulls definitely have something.

Generally speaking people love or hate Pitbulls. They are a completely misunderstood breed. Everyone who knows them well knows that they are actually loving and loyal dogs that make excellent family pets. Pitbulls are intelligent and want to please you, which makes them highly trainable but they also have a strong personality.

It took some time until Baine and I got connected. You only need love, patience and training. I love walks with Baine, I respect him and he respects me back.

Being a guardian of a Pitbull and any other breed of course, you need first to educate yourself. It's important to raise your puppy with consistency, patience, love and leadership. Proper positive training is crucial so you can give your Pitbull a bright future and thrive in a good home, in this way you can change the bad reputation that bad owners give to Pitbulls. It's time to quit blaming the wrong end of the leash.

Baine is a family dog. Baine is a munchkin. He is an intelligent, energetic and loyal doggie. Baine is the big brother of 2 human siblings. I couldn't be happier to be his dogwalker.

I love you Mr. B


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