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Dog walks with a Frenchie

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Mooki is just adorable, cool and with a nature that is both humorous and playful.

He brings with him all the amazing characteristics of a French Bulldog.

Easy-going, playful, affectionate, sociable, intelligent, alert and a perfect friend that can provide lots of fun for the family as well as lots of cuddles on the couch. But he can also be very stubborn.

He belongs in the category of Blue French Bulldogs.

Sometimes you’ll see Blue French Bulldogs advertised as a “rare Blue French Bulldog” but it’s important to note that the blue coat colour is not accepted by the official breed standard.

So, there is a kind of a battle between reputable breeders who,

refer to this as a “fad colour” and strongly discourages breeding Blue French Bulldogs in any way and breeders who advertise these colours as rare.

While there are a few differences between a Blue French Bulldog and any other colour of French Bulldog, this doesn’t mean its origins and history are any different from the rest of the breed.

The French Bulldog originated in England and was created to be a toy-size version of the Bulldog. The breed was quite popular among lace workers and when they left for France to search for a better life, as good parents as they were, they took their dogs with them. They became popular there and were given the name: French bulldogs.

Frenchies are so adorable but also very sensitive.

They belong in the brachycephalic breeds.

In simple terms brachycephaly is a flattening of the face which many people find extremely appealing (and the truth is that they are). Brachycephaly means ‘short skull’.

Well, those cute, smashed faces are very sensitive since the flat face prevent dogs from taking in enough air. This is what often gives brachycephalic dogs their trademark snort. Dogs who can’t breathe well can’t pant enough to release heat, so they are more at risk of overheating and of heart problems. They also have very sensitive eyes and ears and skin problems.

So, if you are an owner of a French Bulldogs take care your Frenchie specially in hot days

If you are considering of buy a brachycephalic dog have in mind that:

Breeders of brachycephalic dogs will keep breeding to meet demand, and when demand is high, they increase breeding to make a profit. If it’s profitable, they will keep doing it.

Not to mention, supporting breeders means that you skipped over a shelter dog who could have used a loving home. Adopting a shelter dog frees up shelter space for another animal in need, and you’re saving at least one life if not more.

if you understand the health risks brachycephalic dogs face and you still want one in your life, please consider adoption. You may find an adorable, short-faced dogs in shelters who need homes.


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