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Meet Tee-Ta the Basenji

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Meet Tee-Ta the new member of Cats and Dogs daily walks.

Tee-Ta is a Basenji breed and has this beautiful curled tail tightly over one hip which is so characteristic.

The Basenji is a lighly-built, elegant hunting dog from Africa. It has a wrinkled head which gives him sometimes a mischievous expression.

Basenji is commonly known as the "barkless dog" because it doesn’t bark, but when excited is howling. (I love it)

The Basenji has also been described as cat-like: reserved, clever, inquisitive, independent, and stubborn.

Basenjis are also know as :escape artists

Despite their size can also make excellent watchdogs. They will defend their people and property when challenged.

I enjoy every moment with Tee-Ta specially when his howling..he is super sweet.

He gets along well with other dogs and he loves hot weather 😊


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