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The Benefits of Cat Sitting

There are many benefits of using cat sitting services and working with a professional cat sitter. As we have learnt more about cat behaviour over the years cats are creatures of habit. 🔸They like to lay in the same spot 🔸They like their litter box where it is. 🔸They like to be independent Due to a variety of different reasons, at one point you will probably need to leave your cat in someone else’s care. So as a cat parent you need to think: What will make your kitty the most comfortable? How can you help your kitty stay calm and not stress out? Our job is to come to your home and look after your cat in their own environment. Your cat stays in her own home, which is the most comfortable, safest environment she knows. Your cat does not have to be transported or introduced to a new environment with new scents, sounds, people or unfamiliar animals. Daily feeding, play and exercise regimen and times remain the same. Our Pet sitters can accommodate special needs, such as dietary instructions or medications. In short, in-home cat care represents the least stressful option for your pet since there are very few changes for her to adjust to. As her owner, you can also rest assured that she is not left alone while you are away. Your cat is in good hands when we’re taking care of her. Because your pets deserve the comfort of their home


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